Perennial transplanting hacks

Here’s a few of my favourite tricks for transplanting perennials:

  • All planting or transplanting is best done in cool weather (below 20C).
  • Be sure the plant rootball is loose and remove all weeds and weed roots.
  • Dig the hole larger and deeper than the ball.
  • Place a couple handfuls of compost in the bottom of the hole.
  • Dump a few litres of water into the hole.
  • Backfill hole with soil and build berms to either collect or deflect water runoff as per your plant’s preference. (Hostas like some moisture).
  • Water well OR, even better, plant just before a big rain so Mother Nature does the work for you and you aren’t watering with tap water. If you’re in the city, you pay for your water use & tap water is treated to remove bacteria which is harmful to humans but beneficial to plants.
  • Mulch well with a few inches of leaves or wood chips after the rain has saturated the area.
  • Pay no attention to passers by or to the VP of Power Naps (Renzo) as he saunters by on rodent patrol.